Regarding MP3 support

Ian Malone ibm21 at
Sat Jan 29 12:25:08 UTC 2005

Serge de Souza wrote:
 > Brian Mury wrote:
>> On Sat, 2005-29-01 at 02:23 +0000, Michael A. Peters wrote:

>>> It also could be that he has an iPod or other mp3 player that does not  
>>> support ogg.

>> So anyone know of any iPod-like players that support ogg? Something in
>> the 20 to 40 GB range would be nice.

> iRiver have a player IIRC which supports ogg, mp3 and maybe some other 
> coedcs, have a look online.

<> is a good resource (I believe
the Vorbis website has been/will be updated to make the wiki more
accessible).  I'd be careful with iRiver players, since some don't
support vorbis outside certain bitrates (really clashes with the whole
VBR principle).  Cowon/iAudio/JetAudio (all the same company) do some
nice players with ogg support.


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