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Robert Slade fedora at
Sun Jan 30 08:00:26 UTC 2005

On Fri, 2005-01-28 at 22:28, James Wilkinson wrote:
> Robert Slade wrote:
> > Thanks James. I've been 'playing' with this some more. The problem seems
> > to occur right at the start The boot loader starts and tries to read the
> > CD. I get a list of messages which say something like iso image found at
> > 00 and all the steps up to 9A (not sure about this as it goes by rather
> > fast). It looks like the Kernel at initial boot is seeing it as a series
> > of tracks (or images) rather than 1. Perhaps the problem lies with the
> > Kernal being booted initially.
> A couple of things to try:
> Can you get hold of Knoppix and see if that does any better?
> Will that thing boot from a USB key?
> Otherwise, I understand that there are generic boot floppies designed to
> boot CDs on computers without BIOS support for booting from CD. You may
> be able to persuade one of them to boot from an image on the hard drive.
> So if you could get diskboot.img or boot.iso from the images directory
> on the first CD onto the hard drive, you might be able to launch the
> install process that way.
> Good luck!
> James.
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Thanks again James,

The problem appears to be related to the lack of support in the initial
Boot Kernel on both FC2 & 3. I have not tried FC1 but Goggling shows
that there were problems with that too. I'm guessing that it is the EISA
support that is missing, as it does not seem able to read the Hard
drive, nor the CD properly. Apparently RH ES3 does run on the beasty,
but when I tried White Box this had the same problem. Perhaps someone
else can comment on this. 

I have got this thing running with Free BSD (which does have EISA
support) and now have managed to rebuild it's Kernel with SMP support. I
guess that it is stick with the working system ie BSD and move forward
from there.


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