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Bill Gradwohl bill at ycc.com
Sun Jan 30 14:54:56 UTC 2005

Anyone running a standard wired Vonage VOIP unit via a wireless connection?

We're going on vacation and want to take our Vonage unit with us. It has 
a standard RJ45 wired port. Where we're going, Internet access is all 
wireless - there is nothing to connect the RJ45 to. Its like wardriving 
for a connection, only the entire area works off a series of antennas 
that you just latch on to.

I was thinking of getting a wireless bridge, to physically connect the 
Vonage unit to its RJ45 and then have the wireless end connect to the 
wireless network. In theory it should work, but I'd like to know if 
anyone has done it and what equipment/firmware/software they used. 120 
VAC will be available.

Bill Gradwohl
bill at ycc.com
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