64-bit FC3 on nForce4 motherboards

Robert L Cochran cochranb at speakeasy.net
Sun Jan 30 17:22:54 UTC 2005

I'm using the MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum (Socket 939) with an Athlon 64 
3500+. My chipset is nForce3. I think you will be just fine if you 
remove the PATA drive and install only to the SATA drive. Currently, my 
system boots off an SATA drive and there is a second hard drive plugged 
in also which is on the SATA2 connector. I started out with just the 
boot drive connected to SATA1, got my system installed, and went on to 
add the second drive to SATA2 and I created the mount point "by hand".

I do not know what happens when you attempt an install where 1 drive is 
on the PATA connector and the other is on an SATA connector. I do know 
that at install time, both drives are globbed together in an LVM Volume 
Group. This happened when a friend asked me to install FC3 on his older 
system and I just left both his PATA drives plugged in. I'm not sure how 
it all works, but I think this might be confusing the boot process in 
your case.

Your motherboard has an SLI capability, right? Are you implementing that?

Bob Cochran

Brian Stretch wrote:

> Has anyone successfully migrated a 64-bit FC3 machine to a nForce4 
> chipset (PCI-Express) motherboard?  I get a kernel panic very quickly 
> during bootup, right after it fails to mount the drives (boot drive is 
> Serial ATA, nForce controller).  There are two PCI errors too.  The 
> weird thing is that I can boot linux rescue off the FC3 DVD and read 
> my drives just fine.  I had to move my HDs back to my old system to 
> get online so I'm hoping someone can at least tell me if they have 
> successfully run FC3 on a nForce4 chipset system.

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