Firefox, Thunderbird and %#$@* Evolution

Joel Gomberg obligor11-fedora at
Sun Jan 30 19:40:00 UTC 2005

Robert wrote:
> FC3, KDE
> I have been attempting to find a way to migrate from Mozilla to Firefox 
> and Thunderbird.  So far, everything has gone pretty well EXCEPT that 
> when I wanted to email a web page from within Firefox, that option was 
> not available.  The only choice is to "Send Link".  That's acceptable 
> and definitely more friendly for those who are still using dialup 
> connections but the deal breaker for me is that it wants to use 
> Evolution and I don't/won't.  I have looked in the prefs.js file, in 
> about:config 

The settings can be changed in about:config.  I just filtered for 
"mailto" and changed the two references from evolution to thunderbird.


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