Still no sound. I have a Dell Demension 2350 and a Intel82801Soundcard.

Brian Fahrlander brian at
Mon Jan 31 12:53:33 UTC 2005

On Mon, 2005-01-31 at 07:23 -0500, Kyle Lagonegro (Student-Lagone37)
> I don't believe it....  it worked!!  Thank you so much Curt!

    Hazaa!  Who knew?  (Obviously, SHE did!)  :>

> Everyone was talking about things I should mute but then having me
> type a bunch of stuff up in root.  And yet doing what they said
> (unmute) was the problem all along.
> Thank you again.

    And that explains it- I've never seen the 'sense' controls
(mentioned also in an earlier thread) but that's normal- they're new. I
wonder...other than muting better than a broken cable...what the do?

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