confusing /etc/fstab

Paul Howarth paul at
Mon Jan 31 13:35:52 UTC 2005

Robert Storey wrote:
> What's confusing to me here is that, in Fedora, I can't figure out which
> partition is mounted where. Is my / partition /dev/hda3, or /dev/hda5,
> or ???   Ditto for swap, or any other partition. If I wanted to make
> some change in the partition table (for example, adding a /home
> partition) I have no idea how I could get /etc/fstab to recognize it.
> I've tried making some sense out of fstab-sync, but so far it's pretty
> opague. Where does Fedora store the partition information? Anybody know
> some links that can explain this messy filesystem table?

If you just run the command "mount" (you don't have to be root), you'll 
see which partitions are mounted where. You can use either hardcoded 
partition names such as "/dev/hda7" or filesystem label references such 
as "LABEL=/home" in /etc/fstab; either will work OK. You can assign a 
label to a partition when you create the filesystem on it by using the 
-L option in mke2fs, and you can set or change the label of an existing 
partition using the -L option in tune2fs.


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