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Mon Jan 31 17:06:01 UTC 2005

On Monday 31 January 2005 11:24, jdow wrote:
>And I drily note that many of them seem to be nominally organic
>computing units that have fallen slave to their minds' failure
>to adapt and to failed habits.
>{^_-}   Joanne

Hi Joanne.

One thing I don't think has been mentioned is that some email agents 
seem to cut off, and not display, anything after the "\n-- " that by 
convention seperates the sig from the body of the message, so those 
users who are using such an email agent, never see the unsubscribe 
instructions so convieniently appended to each message.

Perhaps the detection of an unsubscribe in the body should not only 
trigger an autoreply, but it should also be grounds to filter that 
"-- " out of the autoreply, thereby actually showing the unsubscribe 
instructions to the otherwise clueless?

Kmail doesn't do that here, but I believe some of the more html 
oriented agents do indeed cut that stuff.  Moz's mailer is guilty of 
this I believe.

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