FC3 and NTFS

Loren Lockwood lockwoodlo at cantv.net
Mon Jan 31 19:24:39 UTC 2005

Hi all.  I'm very new at Linux.  Have tried a couple of distros and like 
FC3 best so far.  Some problems exist, though.  I have dual boot with 
Win2K using NTFS.  FC3 can't see that partition.  Bumming around on the 
net I found out that seeing NTFS is an option which is turned off by 
default in the kernel of this distro.  To turn it on, they say I have to 
recompile the kernel.  That seems scary to me, but I found a site with 
very extensive instructions and decided to try it.  But first I need the 
kernel source code.  Where do I find that?  I poked around in Red Hat's 
site, also Fedora's, but didn't find anything.

Also, does this mean that every time a new kernel is issued I'll have to 
go through the same procedure?  Isn't there some way to get this option 
turned on by default?

Your help would be greatly appreciated.

BTW, I have read through a couple hundred emails from this list and not 
found any other references to this problem.  Can it be that nobody else 
needs NTFS access from FC3?  Is that why it's turned off by default?  I 
still need W2K for certain jobs, although I hope that the number of such 
jobs will approach zero as time goes by.

Thanks.  -Loren

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