Remote sound configuration advice needed.

Uno Engborg uno at
Fri Jul 1 00:59:15 UTC 2005

I am trying to get remote sound working in FC4. It should work with both 
KDE and Gnome applications. Some of them run from a remote server and 
displays their GUI on local workstations others run directly on such 
local workstations. This means that some kind of sound server would need 
to run on the local workstations to help the X server with the sound 
part of the applications.
But should it be esd artsd or something else. How does newer stuff like 
gstreamer fit into this?
Most of the users use Gnome as their default desktop.

Any advice on how to set this up appreciated. There are so many 
different ways to handle
sond in Linux that I don't know where to start.

Uno Engborg

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