yum first-time user question

Mike McCarty mike.mccarty at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jul 1 16:19:05 UTC 2005

tom poe wrote:

>Hi, Mike:  I'm on a VA pension.  I have to wait until CD burners are
>available through university surplus stores in the $5 dollar range.  :)
>OK, so, can I use yum to upgrade from RH8 to RH9?  Do you know where I
>look to find the URLs to put in the yum.conf file that would do that?
>Thanks, Tom
If you are a vet, then first I want to say


Secondly, can someone from the Fedora Core project please tell me
whether, if I burnt  some CDs for this guy and mailed them to him,
free of charge, it would violate copyright or license agreements?

Of course, I'd have to remark that I take no responsibility for what
the CDs might do to your computer :-)

Oh, I just noticed, you want RH9? I thought you were trying to get
to FC4.

Anyway, I have the ISOs (all 9 of them) for FC4. If it is permissible,
and you agree, I'll burn you a set of whatever you want and mail
them to you. I recommend that, if we do this, you get the ISOs
off the discs, and verify the SHA1 checksums for them before
trusting them. I wouldn't trust anyone, especially me!


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