Mozilla 1kb download manager bug -- follow-up

Benjamin Sher delphi123 at
Fri Jul 1 17:19:20 UTC 2005

Dear friends:

If you try to download a file with Mozilla 1.7.8, you will get a 1kb 
error message at the end of install. Please see screenshot at:

I received a letter from Neil of Mozilla informing that this is a 
well-known bug and that he does not know if or when this bug will be fixed.

As it is, this 1kb bug really cripples Mozilla. And it's a real shame.

Since Mozilla is open source, is there a way to correct this by changing
the code? Would a Linux expert know how to do this? Perhaps by issuing a 
patch for the millions of Linux users using Mozilla 1.7.8?

It would be a real service to all of us if a patch could be provided for 
it. Or just instructions on how to go inside the code and correct the bug.

Unfotunately, I am not a programmer, just an ordinary Mozilla user or I
would volunteer to do this.

Thank you.


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