How to install festival Spanish support?

Matthew Miller mattdm at
Sat Jul 2 18:47:03 UTC 2005

On Sat, Jul 02, 2005 at 02:14:00PM -0300, Mariano Draghi wrote:
> How can I install "festival" Spanish support in FC4?
> It seems that the default RPM comes only with English. I couldn't find 
> any additional festival RPMs either in core or in extras (other than the 
> devel RPM, which I pressume won't install any additional language...)

Unfortunately, the default spanish voice for Festival isn't licensed freely
enough to be included with Fedora -- apparently, the diphones are restricted
to non-commercial use. (Fedora itself isn't commercial, but eschews any such
restrictive licenses.)

If you're aware of any voices that *can* be included, please let me know and
I'll do what I can to get them in to the package (or at least included as

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