Fedora Core 4 hangs before switching to the greeter during bootup

Ferindo Middleton Jr fmiddleton at verizon.net
Sat Jul 2 21:26:55 UTC 2005

After my FC4 box finishes starting all the services and just before GDM 
presents the graphical greeter, the system hangs. This initially was a 
terrible tragedy because I didn't know how to stop it which means I 
couldn't get access to the system (being that it would just hang with a 
black screen)...

Then I realized that if I simply move the mouse around a little bit just 
when it's loading up the last service (which is usually always 'Wine'), 
this somehow deters whatever causes the hang and it would then load up 
the greater as normal.

Anybody else have this annoying problem?  This  problem has actually 
happened before in previous  FC releases but has seems to constantly 
reintroduce itself with very couple of releases - seems to be some flaw 
that is overlooked in regression test because it goes and then comes 
back again constantly.

If I forget to move my mouse around a little bit during that last 
service loading during boot up, I just have to manually reboot the 
machine and remember to do it the next time.... but come on, this is a 


Ferindo Middleton

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