Can't open display -- SOLVED

Wojciech Komornicki wnk at
Mon Jul 4 21:00:21 UTC 2005

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Howarth <paul () city-fan ! org> writes:
>>>>> "wnk" == Wojciech Komornicki <wnk () hamline ! edu> writes:

On Fri, 2005-07-01 at 14:10 -0500, Wojciech Komornicki wrote:
  wnk:> I was getting the message
  wnk:>         Can't open display:
  wnk:> It terns out that by default on my FC4, X does not listen to tcp.  You
  wnk:> can enable listening to the TCP port by running
  wnk:>         gdmsetup
  wnk:> as root or be editing the file
  wnk:>         gdm.conf
  wnk:> The relevant setting is
  wnk:>         DisallowTCP
  wnk:> If you want X to listen the tcp set this to false
  wnk:> You will have to restart the X server after making changes. To run a
  wnk:> program (prog) on the client (light.unix) which will have its display on
  wnk:> the server (dark.unix) you need to
  wnk:>       1) tell the server that you allow light.unix to talk to it with
  wnk:>             xhost +light.unix
  wnk:>       2) start prog (on light.unix) with the command
  wnk:>             prog -display dark.unix:0.0
  wnk:>          (or you can set the DISPLAY environment variable)
  wnk:> I have not been able to get authentication working using xauth which
  wnk:> should allow you to run programs without using xhost.

  Paul:> Why don't you use "ssh -X light.unix" on dark.unix, opening a secure
  Paul:> connection from dark to light with X forwarding (i.e. running "prog"
  Paul:> just works), so that you don't need to set up the tcp listening and
  Paul:> don't have to mess about with "xhost" and $DISPLAY?

Thanks Paul.
   Your suggestion works to run an application using ssh, i.e., the
following works from dark.unix
     ssh -X light.unix app-name
However, I cannot log into light.unix and then run an application which
opens up on dark.unix
Wojciech Komornicki

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