FC3 - Last 3 kernel updates have broken APCI and APM

Thomas V. Fischer tvfischer_l at worldonline.fr
Tue Jul 5 06:08:28 UTC 2005

 Hey all,

I am running FC3 on a DELL Latitude C610. In the past, both APM and ACPI 
worked like a dream and I had no problems. The machine was able to 
suspend-to-ram and wake-up. X was working fine.

Following the last 3 kernel updates, ACPI has stopped working and I am not 
getting any useable errors. The system suspends-to-ram correctly but then when 
I try to wake-it-up nothing happens! I am not getting any errors or any 
respons from the system... The drive doesn't even wake up. The only thing left 
to do is hard reset!

IS there anything I can do to get additional debugging errors?

I will be changing my HD in a couple of weeks and be doing a fresh install of 
FC4, does anyone know if the problem exist in that system?



Thomas Fischer          Nam et ipsa scientia potestas est...

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