GNOME desktop problem

Colin Paul Adams colin at
Wed Jul 6 06:29:32 UTC 2005

>>>>> "Kam" == Kam Leo <kam.leo at> writes:

    Kam> On 06 Jul 2005 07:03:20 +0100, Colin Paul Adams
    Kam> <colin at> wrote:
    >> I've just had to reboot my FC4 machine for the second time in
    >> under a week, as, whilst navigating from one desktop pane to
    >> another (using Ctrl-Alt-arrows), the input (mouse and keyboard
    >> suddenly siezed up).
    >> Now, I find I do not have the default background on my desktop
    >> (just plain dark-blue), nor will the right mouse button bring
    >> up the context menu that allows me to change the desktop
    >> background (amongst other things).
    >> What can I do?  -- Colin Adams Preston Lancashire

    Kam> Go to your home directory and rename .gconf, e.g. "cd
    Kam> /home/user_name; mv .gconf .gconf.sav".  A gnome desktop with
    Kam> default settings will be created when you next log in.

Thank you, but that is hardly a solution. I don't want to re-create
the entire desktop - just get it working again.

Colin Adams
Preston Lancashire

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