New Age Music can kill FC4

ryan ryanag at
Thu Jul 7 16:42:31 UTC 2005

I think some CD player-software does not need the cable, and some does not.

Matt - I would recommend trying Zinf, XMMS, Kaffeine, RealPlayer
( and any other player you can find and see if any works.
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> > Hi All:
> >
> > What is happening with the multimidea on Fedora. This
> > person have had problem. I cannot even listen CDs by
> > using the CD drive. I allways need to ripe CDs first
> > in order to listen to my musics.
> > No one in this group was able to help me on that.
> > Should I go back to Windows to get my CD drive able to
> > play my CDs? Well, at least I can do that on Windows
> I didn't see this the last time you posted. Usually this problem
> happens when you don't have an audio cable running from the CD player
> to the sound card. Windows can work around that, but to my knowledge,
> Linux requires the cable. Do you have such a cable?
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