running multiple copies of apache/httpd instances...

Les Mikesell lesmikesell at
Sun Jul 10 19:15:01 UTC 2005

On Sat, 2005-07-09 at 23:37, bruce wrote:
> the virtual hosts with different ports works.. i had a typo...
> however, no one has yet to give me insight into how to run multiple
> instances of apache on the same box...
> which is what i was going after!!!

It should 'just work' although I don't think I've set one up with
apache2.x.  Make sure that you that you start the alternate copy
with '-f /path/to/other-http.conf' on the command line.  You must
be sure that your alternate config does not try to bind to the
same IP/port as the primary (anywhere, not just the part you are
trying to modify) or only the first one you start will succeed.
Also, change the logfile names so you can easily tell which one
is failing and why when you have trouble.

I think the last time I did this, I made a symlink from /usr/sbin/httpd
to /usr/sbin/httpd-myname to make it easier to make all the obvious
changes for the pid file etc. in the init script and to be able to
see in a 'ps' output that both instances were running.

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