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Mon Jul 11 12:21:52 UTC 2005

I am also observing that USB stick working is not yet in full control as I 
would like to have. 
I got two Pen drives (sticks) . One works exactly as expected but other 
doesn't. Recently I did some experimenting. Results are like this- 
USB drive if it does not have a (volume) label, then manual mount command 
need not be given instead an icon appears on desktop (kde) after plugging in 
and 'open/mount/safely remove' is on right click menu. Manual mount command 
can be given in konsole in simplest form like # mount /dev/sdb (without 
label) or /dev/sdb1(with label).
So I have removed volume labels though I would like to have them.
 If there is a better way please tell...

 On 7/11/05, Ian Malone <ibm21 at> wrote: 
> Markku Kolkka <markkuk at> wrote:
> > Mike Noble kirjoitti viestissään (lähetysaika maanantai, 11.
> > heinäkuuta 2005 00:51):
> >> Alexander Dalloz wrote:
> >
> >>> mount /media/KINGSTON
> >>>
> >>> I guess /etc/fstab has a related entry.
> >>>
> >>> Alexander
> >
> >>
> >> That works, but why is it not mounted when it is installed?
> > Your system isn't infested by an evil automount daemon. You can
> > install one if you really want.
> It's the default behaviour in FC3, and presumably FC4 as
> well to auto mount USB sticks (the OP did say that another stick
> showed exactly that behaviour). It's done via hald, fstab-sync
> is responsible for creating the mount point and fstab entry (which
> is clearly happening). I'm no hald expert, but it looks like
> the device is falling into a category that isn't automounted.
> A thread in May (Mount option hazardous to USB Flash!) prompted
> me to play about a little with it, but I couldn't work out why
> my rules didn't match the device, so in the end I basically
> created one that over-rode the offending default rule.
> The spec link at <>
> has more information if the OP wants to try and change the
> behaviour. The key storage.policy.should_mount is a likely
> candidate.
> (sorry I can't be more helpful, but not at a Linux box atm)
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