How do you allow core dumps on fedora

Tony Nelson tonynelson at
Tue Jul 12 18:06:56 UTC 2005

At 6:00 PM +0100 7/12/05, Paul Howarth wrote:
>gb spam wrote:
>>>The answer can be found in "man ulimit"
>> ulimit is an internal bash command, not a binary, so you need to use
>> "help ulimit"
>"man ulimit" works but this is much better (no need to read/search
>through the entire bash manual to find the bit on ulimit) - thanks!

FWIW, I use "less" as my pager for man.  Less (dunno about more) has a find
command that I use a lot, especially in large man pages.  Here's how I use

    Type "/str" to hilite all occurances of "str".

    Type "n" to move the next one to the top of the screen.

    Press spacebar to skip the rest of the current screen's matches.

    Type "/gabagestuff" to unhilite everything (by getting the "no match

    Press "Home" to start at the top.
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