M.Lewis _fedoralist_ at cajuninc.com
Wed Jul 13 05:03:48 UTC 2005

I installed FC4 last night. Tonight I was doing yum upgrades. I didn't 
touch a thing. I just gave the command yum -y upgrade. Everything 
started downloading fine. 279 packages I think it was. Sound works, just 
plug in the speakers, no fiddling with anything.

I decided to reinstall though as the partitioning wasn't what I wanted. 
Not FC4's fault, it was mine. I should have paid more attention during 
the partitioning last night.

Other than the reinstall due to my lack of attention, I was quite 
pleased with what I saw. NO PROBLEMS.

Perhaps one of the key issues here backup your data, DO A CLEAN INSTALL.

I've been on these lists since ver 5.2 I believe it was. There are 
several others who have been here perhaps longer than me. I have NEVER 
done an UPGRADE. Always a clean install. I simply do not have the issues 
  that I see people complaining about here.

I'm not trying to start a religious war here about you should do this or 
that. Or say that anyone is wrong or whatever. I'm simply telling you 
what I do and the results. YMMV


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