azeem ahmad azeem81 at
Wed Jul 13 15:31:10 UTC 2005

hi list
i got a multi media server on which i store movies which can be played 
directly or copied by the clients. the server is redhat 9 with SAMBA to 
provide file sharing and users are windows clients. the server is 700 dual 
xeon, 512 SD RAM with 5 9GBand 4 18 GB SCSI harddisk.
the problem is that when some users simaltenously play the movies from 
server (when iptraf shows output bytes on eth1 up to 3000 Kbits or more) the 
user cant fetch the data continously. the movies being played start stucking 
and then after a few seconds it gets ok. then again after a few minutes 
movies start stucking.
wot could be the problem and how i can reolv it

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