Fedora Compatible ISP

Walter Francis wally at theblackmoor.net
Sat Jul 16 15:59:49 UTC 2005

> Swiching from (ISP) MSN to Netzero, but am not sure if Netzero is possible with Fedora core2/3/4, tired of MSN too much PopUps.

You're kidding, right?  What would the ISP have to do with "popups" ?  If
you have that much trouble with popups on web pages, use Firefox and turn
on the popup blocking, it works pretty darn good.

That said, MSN is a crappy ISP that shouldn't be used period, but it has
nothing to do with popups.

> Also is any ISP compatible with Fedora, any ideas anybody.

Anything that uses pap or chap.  Why not Earthlink, it should work fine.

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