Lloyd Hayes lloyd545220-trucker at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 18 05:45:39 UTC 2005

> Hello,
> You folks were so helpful in answering my NTFS question I hope the next
> is as simple to answer.
> I am trying to set up my wireless card but FC4 doesn't seem to recognize
> it. I am running
> --Fedora Core 4 Linux with GNOME desktop
> --Dell Inspiron 5150
> --Dell Wireless Mini PCI Card (equivalent to Intel PRO/Wireless PCI
> Card?)
> When I run Desktop || System Setting || Network on the GNOME toolbar and
> try to add a a new wireless device, a box called "Select Wireless
> Device" comes up which only lists "Other wireless card." When I select
> this, a box comes up which says "Select Ethernet Adapter" with a list of
> adapter types but none of which I recognize as equivalent to my Dell
> Wireless card.
> Does anyone have any suggestions on how I may move forward to make this
> wireless card function in FC4? I am connected to my network via a
> physical cable at the moment, but the wholke idea of a notebook is to
> give me the freedom to move about. Your help would be much appreciated.
> Thanks.
> May the peace of the Lord be with you! 
> Jeff Falter, jfalter at meer.net
> Elkins WV 26241-3947
> (304) 614-3672 


WiFi is one of the very weak areas of the UNIX community, along with
NTFS. The best way is to use Ndiswrapper or driverloader. It's pretty
straight forward once you get used to the routine. You use the Fedora
kernals from DriverLoader: http://www.linuxant.com/company/

You can also purchase DriverLoader and download it here. The kernels are

Download the free NDiswrapper here:

You have un-install, then re-compile and re-install for each kernel.

I've been used DriverLoader and it works well. But the purchased version
will only work with a single wifi card. If you have more then one one
wifi card, then you have to buy additional licenses for each card. You
can't transfer the license from one card to another.

Ndiswrapper will work freely with all of the cards, but you must re-
compile it each time. I've used Ndiswrapper for the last 6 months since
my previous wifi card bit the dust.

DriverLoader is easier to install. But after you get used to it, the
process is not by much different. Both of these programs use the windows
drivers for your wifi system, although sometimes they have drivers in
the DriverLoader library which work better for your wifi system.

Lloyd Hayes

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