grub segmentation fault when trying to do setup.

T. Horsnell tsh at
Tue Jul 19 22:22:28 UTC 2005

>With FC4, or FC3, I get a segmentation fault in grub when I try to 
>install with the following configuration:
>   1    0.031       14998.183   primary   ntfs  (windows)
>   3    14998.184   15257.043   primary   xfs   (/boot)
>   4    15257.043   16284.638   primary   linux-swap   (swap for 
>   2    16284.639   76316.594   primary   lvm
>The root file-system is in the lvm partition (hda2). The boot loader 
>goes into MBR.
>It didn't occur to me until now that the partition minor numbers are out 
>of order relative to their position on disk; I can try reordering them.
>Anyways, the above results in a crash of grub when trying to install the 
>boot loader during the install and when using the Fedora rescue mode. I 
>had to use Knoppix to install the boot loader instead.
>Has anyone else seen this?

I had similar experiences with FC3 on an Opteron/Tyan box and with
FC4 on a P4 system on an Intel mobo. grub segfaulted when I tried
to do 'grub> setup' operations. I moaned to this list and to the
grub developers but no responses. I also moaned that grub was not
available in rescue mode, and I too resorted to Knoppix.


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