Strange connection

Tomas Larsson ktl at
Wed Jul 20 01:08:39 UTC 2005

OK, FEDORA Core 3, HTTPD Ver 2.??? The one shiped on the CORE 3 ISOs.
Everything els as it was shipped on the core3 ISOs.
The box sits behind a RH9 Box, acting as router and firewall using gShield
IP-Tables script, The server is nated, No DMZ..
The firewall is stealth, nothing incoming allowed except port 80 and port
443. everything else is dropped.

With best regards

Tomas Larsson

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Tomas Larsson wrote:

>Doing a netstat on my server, I find a strange connection.
>It's a crond-job with Apache as owner, and it seems to go to an
>irc-server, called, "",
>that knows what this is??

can you provide some more information on your box?

fedora version, kernel, httpd version, etc

It may be usefull to alert others to an issue ion their setup


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