Problem with NIC not connecting to hub.

Thomas Taylor linxt at
Wed Jul 20 18:42:26 UTC 2005

On Wednesday 20 July 2005 05:20, Simon Slater wrote:
> 	I have a PII running FC3 with a DEC500 as eth0.  It has worked fine for
> months when directly connected (crossover cable) to another desktop with an
> identical FC3 installation but Realtek NIC using NFS, or similarly to a
> laptop (Win98) using Samba. These latter two communicate fine through a
> Synoptics Lattishub 2803.  However when the PII is connected to the
> Lattishub, the LINK LED only flashes once every few seconds along with the
> DATA, (DATA) & COL LED's. I cannot ping any other host. The cables
> (straight through) have been checked. The configuration still allows direct
> connection with NFS or Samba which still works fine.
> 	Does anyone know what the problem may be?  Any suggested fixes?
> Regards
> Simon Slater.

Not familiar with that hub, but could the cable possibly be plugged into an 
uplink configured port, not a downlink? I've done that before.


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