Catharsis - slowly my FC4 world crumbles around me

William Hooper whooperhsd3 at
Wed Jul 20 21:10:42 UTC 2005

David Cary Hart wrote:
> On Wed, 2005-07-20 at 16:21 -0400, Phil Schaffner wrote:
>> To my knowledge system-config-packages has NEVER worked once you have
>> installed updates.  Only works on the basic installation before updates,
>>  unless it has been fixed recently.  Ought to either be fixed or
>> disappear after the first updates are done.  This was pointed out in
>> your earlier thread "Can't add or remove packages in FC4".  My $0.02:
>> use yum for updates/package-installation.  Not as pretty, but it
>> generally works well.
> It works for me just fine.

That just means you have been lucky so far (or haven't done any updates). 
I haven't looked, has FC4 had an update of a major library yet (Xorg,
OpenSSL, etc.)?

William Hooper

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