FC4 + Evolution 2.2.2; new mail notification & LDAP

James Pifer jep at obrien-pifer.com
Thu Jul 21 14:42:21 UTC 2005

I'm using FC4 and Evolution 2.2.2. I started with gnome and now I'm
running kde, which does fix some of the gaim notifications. I can't get
any new mail notifications to work for Evolution. I use Evolution for a
pop3 and an IMAP account. I have tried both play a sound and beep,
neither of which ever work. I've googled and founds lots of others with
these issues, but no working solutions for me. 

Is there a log somewhere for Evolution issues, because I get nothing in

Does Evolution have any way of putting a new mail icon in the task tray
similar to how Outlook on Windoze works?

I've tried some of the applications like kbiff/gnubiff and basically
don't like the way they work since they work independently. I keep
Evolution open all the time so I'd prefer IT tell me I have new mail. 

I've also had problems with using LDAP for contacts. I use Evolution for
my work email and we have several thousand contacts in LDAP. I used to
able to use LDAP but would not see many of the contacts, and I believe
it's because Evolution would stop at 1000. It would not let me set it
any higher, and setting it to 0 (unlimited in some applications) would
not work either. 

Besides that problem, it seems like version 2.2.2 crashes a lot with

Anyone else having these issues? Any suggestions are appreciated. 



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