Does Eclipse 3.1 on FC4 include WTP and/or WST?

Klaasjan Brand klaasjan at
Fri Jul 22 08:20:53 UTC 2005

On 7/22/05, D. D. Brierton <darren at> wrote:
> I haven't installed FC4 yet, I'm still on FC3. I'm not a Java kind of
> guy, and on the whole Emacs suits me very well as my development
> environment (I'm a web developer). However, I am curious to try out
> Eclipse's WTP (Web Tools Platform) and especially the WST (Web Standard
> Tools) subproject (I don't care about the JST -- I don't "do" J2EE).
> See:
> Does anyone know if they are included with FC4's Eclipse 3.1 package
> (I'm assuming that it's out on updates-released)? If they are, I'd be
> very interested to hear from anyone who has tried them out.

It's not included (yet). I don't know if the native Eclipse bundled
with Fedora needs specially packaged plug-ins, but in "normal" Eclipse
you can just unzip the plugin in the plugin directory.
The Fedora Eclipse is special since it uses the gcj Java runtime
instead of the "standard" Sun JRE.

> Emacs has fabulous tools for working with SGML and XML, but frankly its
> PHP mode and Javascript mode are really crappy. As much as I love Emacs,
> if Eclipse's Web Tools are really good I could be tempted away, and it
> would be a very big incentive to upgrade to FC4.

You don't need to upgrade to use Eclipse. You can just install the
package from, the Sun JRE from and it will
work on FC3. (I started using Eclipse on Red Hat 7.3!)
If you just want to use Eclipse it's the recommended way since it runs
a lot faster with Sun Java than on gcj. But it would be great if you'd
like to test Eclipse/gcj.


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