Kscd not playing nice

Robert Locke lists at ralii.com
Fri Jul 22 16:32:28 UTC 2005

On Fri, 2005-07-22 at 09:58 -0600, kevin.kempter at dataintellect.com
> Hi List;
> I have installed FC4, and subsequently installed xine. I like to use xine to 
> play music CD's however as long as there is a music CD in the drive kscd 
> keeps self-starting over and over and over again. 
> I've gone into the KDE control center and browsed through all audio file 
> associations and set any types I recognize (ogg, mp4, mp4, etc) to use xine.  
> Although I don't see kscd listed in any of them, mostly the audio types 
> are/were tied to Noatun
> I even tried to remove kscd but it's obviously part of some other package 
> because "rpm-qa | grep -i kscd" returns nothing.

I don't use KDE, but you can at least find out which package supplied
kscd by using, "rpm -qf $(which kscd)".  The which command returns the
absolute pathname to the kscd executable and the rpm command returns
which package installed that filename.....

But, I'm guessing you probably need to "re-configure" something inside
of KDE to do what you want....

> Please help.. how can I beat kscd into submission ?


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