Screensavers in FC4... and other things.

David Fernandez dfernandez at
Wed Jul 27 08:11:35 UTC 2005

>>     1.- Where are, or where can I get the usual screensavers that were present in FC3, and that doesn't seem to be (or haven't installed properly) in FC4?

>Perhaps this:
># yum install xscreensaver-extras xscreensaver-gl-extras

It worked OK... I really did
# rpm -Uhv /media/cdrecorder/Fedora/RPMS/xscreensaver*extras*
It's curious that these didn't get installed on a fresh installation. Also curious that if I give the xscreensaver* to rpm it doesn't install the extras with -F nor -U...

>>     2.- How can I access to url's like, In mozilla and epiphany included in FC4 & FC3 always appears a message telling me that the port 87 has been disabled for security reasons... And I couldn't find the setting to enable it.

>Are you using a proxy server? If so, is it squid on your local machine, 
or somewhere else?

It's a local network site, I've also tried it configuring a dummy proxy and telling that the site I want to access is on my local network, but no way, it doesn't matter if you are using proxy or not and if it is a local network or an internet site.

I don't have squid installed (at least rpm -qa | grep squid gives me nothing)

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