Increasing inodes without recreating file system

Damian Menscher menscher at
Wed Jul 27 18:07:18 UTC 2005

On Wed, 27 Jul 2005, Tony Nelson wrote:
> At 2:54 PM +0100 7/27/05, Robin Bowes wrote:
>> Tony Nelson wrote:
>>> All:  Would a loop device volume (man losetup) to store his email be the
>>> simplest way out of this mess?
>> Erm, no.
> It is possible that you do not understand this suggestion.  You should ask
> what what it means, or read man losetup.  It would solve your problem,
> though it might not be the simplest solution.  It is what I would do in
> your place, unless I already knew of a simpler solution.

Aside from the performance issues, wouldn't it cause problems to run a 
journaled filesystem on top of another journaled filesystem?  I keep 
hearing you're not supposed to do that.  Anyone have details on what the 
story is with that?

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