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Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Sat Jul 30 17:20:45 UTC 2005

On 7/30/05, Scott Talbot <talbotscott at cox.net> wrote:
>     Too true, but then it is a much simpler plan to have 13 month year
> (with 1 "extra" day) than it is to remember 30 days hath September,
> April, June etc. etc.  Though it is impossible to believe it'll ever
> change anyway.  Kind of like the English spelling problems!
> Scott

It may change. Technology and culture are constantly changing, and the
measurement of time has to stand up to both of their needs. Every few
hunderd years there is a major change in the way time is measued/
calculated. Swatch has recently introduced a new line of watches that
keep 'internet time': a measurement that divides evenly by 10 into the
'earth day'.

English speling erors are another thing, thogh.

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