swap file vs. swap partition

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Sat Jul 30 21:49:11 UTC 2005

On 7/30/05, akonstam at trinity.edu <akonstam at trinity.edu> wrote:
> I will look at the article and reserve final judgement but adding a
> swap partition after installation is something who has only the
> following characteristics:
> 1. very good luck in general.
> 2. A willingness to reinstall the system if things get screwed up. The
> likeliness of this is great.
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I'm certainly not the guy with good luck in general...
I plan on using space from my /home partion, which is on /dev/hda2. So
I will not be tampering with the root file system. In your opinion,
does this sound safe?

Also, since this is hda2 and not hda1, the swap partion will wind up
in the middle or outside edge of the disk, no? That is the 'bad' place
to put it according to other posters in this thread. Or am I looking
at it backwards?

Thank you for sharing your insight, and for reviewing that article for
me. As usual, this 'little project' turned into a big learning
experience for me. I see that as a good thing!

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