Our (US) $s at work.

Callahan, Michael MichaelCallahan at templeinland.com
Sat Jul 30 23:21:15 UTC 2005

Let's say that those whom you "understand" got their own country (or
countries) and had achieved all of their political and social aims.  What
would that world be like?  I would like to understand your understanding of
these people.

If you had to live there or in America, what would be your choice, and why?

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Dotan Cohen wrote:

>On 7/30/05, taharka <res00vl8 at alltel.net> wrote:
>>Hmm.... laughing stock of the entire world but, longer lines of folks 
>>breaking their necks to get into this country legally or illegally ;-) 
>>Coming to the very country they're laughing at :-))
>>Lexington, Kentucky U.S.A.
>Now why do you think that is?

Let's see. I just got a student visa to enter the US. I am going there
becuase I can receive a scholarship and it's the most technologically
advanced englsh speaking country in my opinion. In all fairness I wish the
schools were somewhere else. I don't physical violence hate the US. 
Just disagree with alot of its policies, and understand those who feel it
neessary to 'terrorize' (but I do not agree with their actions).

Basicallu, the lines are long because they always were. Ever since Columbus
'discovered' there. I'm sure the Indians used to uptight about the long
lines coming in back then.

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