FEDORA and Pentium D

Hoffmann oasf2004 at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 31 20:32:08 UTC 2005

--- "Lars E. Pettersson" <lars at homer.se> wrote:

> On 07/26/2005 02:56 AM, Hoffmann wrote:
> > Does anyone know if Fedora is compatible with
> Intel
> > Pentium D? 
> I have Fedora Core 4, x86_64 version, running on a
> Dell Precision
> Workstation 380 with a 3.2 GHz Pentium D processor
> without problems.
> Installation went without a single hitch.
> Lars
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Hi Lars,

Thanks for reply.
Yes. I just installed FC4 on my HP box. It has the
Intel Pentium D processor inside. Well, up to now, all
is going fine. In principle I was not able to have
internet connection at all. I solved the problem after
instaling a driver for my networkcard. I have just two
concerns now:
(1) I didn't get Flash plugin for 64 bits
(2) I am not sure if my 32 bits programs will compile
and run on FC6 x86_64 version.
Do you have ann comments about that?

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