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Wed Jun 1 18:59:31 UTC 2005

Am Mi, den 01.06.2005 schrieb alex at um 18:07:

> Is there a "smarter" way of adding PHP modules than recompiling entire PHP SRPM
> package?
> What I'm currently doing is taking PHP SRPM package, editing php.spec file,
> recompiling whole thing, and taking just the additional modules.  Would speed
> up things considerably if it was possible to compile only the single module.
> I noticed that modules that do come standard with Fedora are dependant on the
> exact PHP version.  Is this simply packagers decision to force all modules to
> be upgraded when php package is upgraded (and I don't need to have this
> requirement in my php-modulename packages)?  Or the modules are really
> dependant on PHP version and must be recompiled whenever basa PHP package is
> upgraded (and I should also have exact version requirement in my php-modulename
> packages)?  I'd like to compile the module once (if possible), instead of
> recompiling it every time updated PHP package is out.  Provided there were no
> security fixes for the module in question, which I need to track manaully
> anyhow since neither the modules nor libraries they need are part of Fedora
> (such as for example Sybase and Mcrypt modules).

Please see -> PHP packages


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