GRUB on x86_64

Jonathan Berry berryja at
Thu Jun 2 02:28:11 UTC 2005

Hey everyone,

Is a new GRUB for FC3 going to released that fixes the segfault on
x86_64?  I finally got frustrated and installed the development
version.  It works just fine, or at least better than the released
version.  The problem is with the x86_64 NX (no execute) protection. 
I found a patch in the GRUB bug tracking system that fixes the problem
for the released version.  I tried applying the patch to the src.rpm,
but ran into problems with a shared library.  I couldn't even rebuild
the src.rpm with no modifications without getting this error (which
seems strange).  The devel version must do things very differently,
because it didn't seem to have the offending code.  I know this
probably isn't going to affect every-day use, but when you need it, it
sure hurts to not be able to use it.  FC4 will have a new version, so
will that version be released for FC3?  Does anyone know when?
Just thougth I'd ask, and throw out a heads up in case anyone else
runs into this.  If someone is interested in chasing the problem with
rebuilding the src.rpm, I can provide more info.


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