Problem with Latex2Html and kdvi

Harald Grossauer harald.grossauer at
Thu Jun 2 14:05:35 UTC 2005

1.) When I try to run latex2html on a simple document it fails. The 
problem seems to be somewhere in the pstoimg script, which fails with a 
"bad file descriptor" error on my FC4_test3_x86_64 box. On another FC3 
box (x_86) it fails with a segfault. Without wanting to flame: it runs 
perfectly on a Suse box!

2.) Compiling of Latex documents is successfull. Viewing them in KDVI 
gives (on the FC4_test3 box):

File corruption! KDVI had trouble interpreting your DVI file. Most 
likely this means that the DVI file is broken.
The DVI code set a character of an unknown font.

The same doc compiles and views correctly on the FC3 box.

Any comments on these two problems?

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