integrate BIN and windows DNS

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Mon Jun 6 16:53:08 UTC 2005


I would like to integrate my Linux DNS with another Windows 2000 DNS
computer from our home office.

Basically we are a sat office running Linux FC 2 DNS and the main
office is using Windows 2000.

Our DNS is using DDNS and I would like to have our DNS updates get
reflected in the entire domain...

What are the best reference I can check on the best way of doing this...?


PS Yes I looked at good but nothing specific about what I just described.

The DHCP and DDNS are handed out by the local Linux box.  I want the
DNS server to either be updated on the Windows DNS at the head office
or for the head office DNS server to forward to our DNS server.

We are connected via VPN and are using the same address space as the
head office.

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