Track file usage

dan info at
Wed Jun 8 19:46:24 UTC 2005

Andy Pieters wrote:
> Hi all
> Those of you who have had the punishment of maintaining workstations with m$ 
> on it might have heard, or even used filemon (from sysinternals).  It hooks 
> itself on the kernel and keeps an eye on what application accesses what file.
> Is anyone aware of such an utlity for Linux?  No fancy gui needed, plain old 
> cli will suffice.
> Basically what I want to do is launch the app, then run another program and 
> see what files are being opened by that program.
> Kind regards
> Andy

ANdy -

I use 'lsof' quite often, and it does the same thing, almost, as 
filemon.  It simply lists open files.  I'm not sure if it is capable of 
doing a continuous list, however - anyone else know?

Sorry if this email wasn't completely helpful, but it will at least give 
you a starting point.


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