on ipw2200 and general stuff about FC4

Cyberz z cyberz_it at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 15 22:10:15 UTC 2005

hi again,
thank you for all the advices you gave to me.
finally the ipw2200 was able to connect to the internet, but there was no 
way to get it working at the boot. some other weird things came out.
but then, i have realized tat many many useful things are somehow missing in 
FC4 and the compilation of some programs i usually need is not so easy 
(maybe because of the new gcc?).
so, finally, i came back to FC3, which is at the moment much more robust and 
but, is there any way to have kde 3.4 on FC3? how?
or, if i want a pure kde system, to which version i should move?

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