Additional problems with VNC with FC4

Michael D. Setzer II mikes at
Sat Jun 18 14:41:05 UTC 2005

I've notice an additional problem using vnc with FC4. With FC1 and 
FC2, I've had no problems. With FC3, I noticed that I could no 
longer run synaptic with a vnc connection, but could run apt-get from 
the command line with out a problem. Now with an installation of 
FC3, I can not even do a su command. I enter su and root password 
and get su: /bin/bash : Permission Denied. I can login with an id at 
the console, and then su works fine. Anyone else seen this, and is 
there a solution. I tend to do a lot of remote access with vnc. 
Note: this is not with the main connection sharing on port 5900, but 
with other startup ports. 

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