Core 4 Clean Install Fails on NetFinity 5500

Steven Ericsson-Zenith steven at
Sun Jun 19 07:54:36 UTC 2005

I have a 5500 already running Core 2 - finally nixing a Windows Server on 
an identical machine. So figured I'd test Core 4 by wiping the Windows
server and doing a clean install - all the latest ROM patches etc.. on

Everything goes fine - automatically partition, select the server config
I want (fairly slim config, command line server, plus PostgrSQL) until 
the Install goes to start the install, it formats the partitions and
starts to copy the set up to the drives.  After awhile it complains it 
cannot continue to copy and suggests we have run our of disk space.

I think it may be trying to copy the install to the boot partition.
I've gone though it a couple fo times - the mounts look right, I 
increased the boot space to 128MB on the off chance it was complaining
about the boot partition - no change. The drives are two logical drives
on a RAID 1 configuration (4 physical disks in all).

I've been through it a number of times today.

Help appreciated.


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