How to boot FC4 from removable media

Tony Nelson tonynelson at
Fri Jun 24 02:42:02 UTC 2005

At 9:47 PM -0400 6/23/05, Jorge A. Colazo wrote:
>I could not find help in the archived messages for this:
>I am switching from FC1 to FC4. My machine has 2 hard drives, hda with Win
>XP and hdb for Linux.
>I noticed during the installation process that FC4 no longer seems to give
>the option of creating a boot floppy or cd (as FC1 did).
>I do not want to install GRUB or LILO, since I will use Linux only
>sporadically , and then I feel more convenient to insert a boot floppy
>when I need it to start Linux rather than touching the MBR ( i know a
>couple of fellows who had problems with the boot loaders).
>My question is : Can I still anyhow make a boot floppy or CD to start FC4?

A boot CD is possible.

A boot floppy isn't quite, as the Kernel won't fit anymore.  However, I
think it will work to copy just a grub bootsector onto a floppy (instead of
the hard disk); that bootsector will start grub (if grub is installed ;).

Or, you could just set the default OS to whatever, and remember to press
the Any key when you want to boot Linux.

Or use whatever's bootloader, adding a choice to call grub to boot linux.
I copied the grub bootsector to C:\linux.bin, and the new line in boot.ini
looks like:

C:\linux.bin="Fedora Core 3 Linux"
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