live update for fedora core 5?

Bob Gustafson bobgus at
Fri Jun 24 15:52:13 UTC 2005

Sounds good. I usually do a "mv /root /old 05-06-24" and then do a clean
install of the new Fedora (with no disk reformatting!). After installation
I do a selective mv or cp of necessary pieces to restore access to user
files, etc. The copy and move of old pieces can be done on a "recognized
need" basis - does not have to be done immediately.

This may not be the way other folks do the update. For me, it offers a way
to get all of the benefits (and structural changes) of the new version of
Fedora, without losing anything of value. It does require some thought and
this procedure may not be easily scripted for a wider audience.

I think the basic problem is whether there are structural changes when
going from one major number to the next. I would not like to "freeze out"
necessary structural changes just for the benefit of an easy upgrade every
6 months or so.

However, the upgrade process could be made easier and more transparent
(what big changes are being made..)

Bob G

Jack Howarth wrote 06/24/05
>      Has there been any discussion of adding a live upgrade method to the
>supported methods of installing the next Fedora Core release? I believe
>Fedora would get much wider usage if users could be insured a simple
>yum based approach to upgrade from one Fedora Core to the next. Also I'm
>not talking about handing them a FAQ entry but rather provide a small set
>of packages that they can install on the previous Fedora Core and run to
>live update them via yum to the current release. I would like to stay on
>Fedora but the iffy upgrade path has me seriously looking at Centos.
>                        Jack
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