Problems with Kernel on FC3 / FC4

John Wendel john.wendel at
Fri Jun 24 20:58:13 UTC 2005

I've got a couple of boxes happily running FC3 and FC4 here. Since 
things were working so perfectly, I decided to try the latest kernel 

Built kernel with my custom config file (same one I use for 
2.6.11 successfully) on both boxes. Build seemed a little flakey on 
the FC4 box (lots of warnings), but WTH. Things seemed perfectly fine 
on the FC3 box.

FC3 - boots fine, get runaway klogd process. klogd using 100% CPU 
doing "read (0, "", 4096) with rc = 0 in a tight loop. I stopped 
syslog and I'm currently running this kernel. No other problems.

FC4 - boots fine, cannot login. Get login prompt, enter user id and 
password, fails, returns to login prompt. Messages file indicates that 
there is a pam problem getting/updating the groupid <something> (don't 
have the log handy, but it definitely was a pam failure). Reverted 
back to the FC4 kernel.

Anybody got any suggestions for fixing these problems?



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