FC3>FC4 Upgrade Install Doesn't Find Existing Installation

Jim Cornette fc-cornette at insight.rr.com
Sun Jun 26 21:35:07 UTC 2005

Andy Schlei wrote:

> I am trying to upgrade FC3>FC4.  I have booted from the boot.iso CD 
> (burned) and am installing from HTTP with the source loaded on another 
> machine on my local network.
> My problem is that the installer does not find any existing 
> implementation of Fedora, so goes into the new install path rather 
> than the upgrade path.  I have successfully upgraded a FC3 machine 
> using this same approach (the test machine, which is now the source 
> for the HTTP install) and the same CD.
> I have faiirly standard partitioning using LVM.
This happened to me with an earlier installation. I backed up my 
important information and reinstalled using the tried and true normal 
partitioning scheme
vs. lvm. I thought, this is great, using LVM as default, then fail to 
recognize this during the next installation.

Sorry no help.  I had this happen to me during a test installation.

I recall someone speaking of a trick they used by allowing the previous 
installation CD to boot up to media test, then swap discs to the FC4 
disc and proceed with the installation. I don't recall if this problem 
was overcome or not using this method.


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